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If you think you've seen or received something suspicious, we want to know about it.

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If you think you have been in contact with a dodgy buyer or seller, we'd like to know about it.

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Report Spam
If you're receiving lots of junk mail we'd like to know about it so we can investigate why.

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5 Rules of Online Safety

Don't forget the 5 golden rules of browsing and buying online:

1. Have up-to-date antivirus software
2. Have up-to-date firewall software
3. Choose a secure password
4. Always log off when you're done
5. Most importantly...

If it looks too good to be true, then it probably is!

Buyer Safety

Seller Safety

Private Consumer:-
Important Notice for Private Buyers:
Please be aware that the carsales network endeavours to remove all fraudulent advertisements promptly. Advertisements that have been removed will never be republished. If you receive an email advising that an item you have enquired on has been republished, this is not a legitimate email.

Scam Defence

Don't walk around with a target on your back!
Just like everywhere else in life, the Internet has a few bad apples that can get in the way of your online experience. The good news is that there are some simple steps you can follow to stop online tricksters from raining on your parade!

We've put together this handy guide so you can quickly identify the latest email scams and other types of online fraud, as well as some simple tips on how you can be safer through every stage of the buying and selling process. So have a read and get to know your phishing from your fishing.

Know what to look for

Scams can take on different shapes and forms. The best way you can avoid being the target of a scam is to know what to look for.

False Enquiries

False enquiry scams involve false buyers persuading sellers to pay unusual fees or refunds.

Don't get swindled

Phishing Scams

Phishing scams are created by fraudsters to give the illusion they've been sent from a legitimate organisation.

Avoid taking the bait

Payment Scams

Payment scams involve false sellers trying to trick buyers into sending their hard-earned cash for items that just don't exist.

Be sure before you buy

Recent scams

A new ransomware campaign distributed via email

May 2015

If you receive an email from "AFP" (or similar) with a "traffic infringement notice" - Do not open it. Delete it immediately. Even if you see it coming from a personal email address.

SMS Phishing Scam

January 2015

Carsales does NOT send SMS messages to customers asking them to confirm details or send 4 digit codes. If you receive a suspicious text message, do NOT click any links.

Fraudulent PayPal scam - using ‘Chris Carter’

October 2014

Fraudulent PayPal scam - using ‘Chris Carter’ with email address: and or - and other similar email addresses:

SMS Codes- DO NOT Give your 4 digit pin code to anyone

August 2014

Fraudsters have been trying to access the 4 digit pin code used to verify mobile numbers.

carsales are not linked to Amazon Payment Protection program

July 2014

Fraudsters are trying to convince buyers to pay through Amazon Payment Protection program.

Fraudster sending SMS messages from an overseas no.

June 2014

Fraudsters are attempting to reach sellers by texting them from this number-+44 7937985879.

Heartbleed bug- Security update and recommendations

April 2014

Last week saw the widespread reporting of a far-reaching security vulnerability nicknamed the 'Heartbleed bug'.

Watch out for phishing scams asking for a password reset

April 2014

The heartbleed bug has given Fraudsters an opportunity to create new phishing scams and are sending fake ‘password reset’ emails.

Fraudulent PayPal email warning legal action

April 2014

Fraudsters are sending fake emails that look like they come from PayPal warning legal action.

Fraudsters sending fake emails

April 2014

Fraudsters sending fake emails pertaining to be the Carsales Network-advising buyers than an advertisement that has been withdrawn is now back and is genuine. This is not true. Do NOT proceed with the sale.

Beware: Fraudulent website

March 2014

Security Measures - DO NOT enter any personal details. Carsales are NOT performing any maintenance of security measures.

Fraudulent Email - Advising sellers that their password has been reset

February 2014

Fraudsters are tricking sellers into thinking that their password has been reset and sending them to a phishing website to enter their login details. DO NOT click on the link and DO NOT enter any login details.

Fraudulent Email: Your account information must be updated

February 2014

This email is being sent out by fraudsters to trick people into giving away their credit card details and account login details, through a phishing website, that looks like a Carsales login page. DO NOT enter any details. Carsales never sends emails with links or asks for account details to be updated.